Switching your SFF/RMF/LTF

Switching your SFF/RMF/LTF from other asset management companies to XSpring Asset Management

Step 1

New Customers: Contact XSpring AM Asset Management or one of our selling agents to open an account. Existing Customers: Skip Step 1 and go to Step 2.

Step 2

Complete a "Subscription Form (using Proceeds from other SFF/RMF/LTF)" of XSpring AM Asset Management.

Step 3

Contact the asset management company from which your fund will be switched out (source) and submit the following documents.

  1. A copy of "Subscription Form (using Proceeds from other RMF/LTF)" (Follow Step 2 and submit a copy as evidence for the source company.)
  2. A completed "SFF/RMF/LTF Switching Out Order Form" of the source asset management company.
  3. Confirmation Note of your source fund

Step 4

Fax all documents of XSpring AM Asset Management and the source asset management company to Marketing Department at IAM, Fax No. 02-030-3730 Please call us at 02-624-6333 press 2 to confirm your submission. Please post the completed XSpring AM Asset Management form in Step 2 to: XSpring AM Asset Management Co., Ltd. 19th Floor, Liberty Square Building, No. 287 Silom Road Silom Road, Bang Rak District, Bangkok 10500 Thailand

Step 5

Allocation of your units will be completed in 5 business days after the source asset management company has finalized your order.