Opening Account Transactions

If you find our funds under management interesting, please read the full prospectus thoroughly, or seek advice from the management company or selling agents before investing. After carefully studying the prospectus, you can open an account with us by simply completing the following forms and send all documents to your selling agent or the management company.

The following documents are required:

1. Account Opening form

2. Required documents (see details below)

3. Automatic Transfer System (ATS) application form: If you wish to use Automatic Transfer System (ATS) service to make the payment of investment unit purchased, you may do so. The application for ATS service through SCB, KBank, BBL, and Bay is needed to be approved from the Bank which might take 2 weeks.

Retail investors

  • Pictured identification card issued by a government agency (i.e. Thai ID card, passport)
  • Bank Account Book (must be bank & branch located in Thailand)
  • Work Permit or Visa with validity not less than 3 Months (for foreign investor only)

Corporate investors

  • Certificate of Incorporation (within 30 days of the issuance)
  • List of shareholders
  • Power of Attorney (if any)
  • ID Card or Passport of the authorized person and shareholders that own shares more than 25%
  • House registration and Identification of authorized person
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Tax ID
  • Bank Account Book (must be a bank & branch located in Thailand)
  • Board of Director Resolution report to open account with XSpring AM Asset Management Co., Ltd.
  • VAT Registration (Por-Por 20)
  • To make a payment on your investment, please view Transactions.

Notes & Recommendations

  • The account name should match that of your cash account. This is to prevent redemption proceeds and dividends from being rejected by your bank.
  • You cannot change the fund account name in the future. The only exception is when you officially change your name.
  • Retail investors should instruct us to withhold tax in the case of dividend payment. If there is no such instruction, we will deem that you wish to have the withholding tax deducted at source. For those who do not wish to have the withholding tax deducted, they are responsible for including the dividend income in their annual personal income tax filing with the Thai Revenue Department.