Securities Brokerage Investment Units

Account Opening

  1. Login to open account
  2. Fill out personal information
  3. Take a photo with your ID card and attach documents.

    ㆍ ID card

    ㆍCopy of bank account page

    ㆍ signature example

  4. Confirm account opening
  5. Waiting for account opening approval
  6. Account Opening Guide E-Account Opening Download Guide Click here
  7. Identity Verification Guide through NDID Download Guide Click here

*Note Please use a device capable of taking pictures. to verify identity, such as a mobile phone Tablet and computer with camera

open account online

If you have already entered Login

For those who are interested in investing in funds under the management of asset management companies. Xspring should carefully study the information in the prospectus of the fund you want to invest in. You can contact to obtain documents from the asset management company. Xspring or any fund sales support agent New investors can open a new account by filling out the following form. And submit documents for opening an account by yourself at Xspring Asset Management or any of the fund sales support agents.

Form for opening a new fund account

  1. Request to open a fund account For the case of opening a new account
  2. Customer details sheet
  3. Letter requesting direct debit from a deposit account (when the investor wishes to pay for the purchase of investment units by debiting from the investor's bank account in BBL, KBank, SCB, BAY; It may take about 2 weeks to process)

Download the form for opening a new fund account. Click here

For individuals

  • Copy of ID card which is certified true copy
  • A copy of the first page of the bank account book with account name and account number

For legal entities

  • Copy of certificate from the Ministry of Commerce, not more than 30 days from the date of issuance of the certificate
  • List of Shareholders
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Value added tax registration certificate (Phor Por 20)
  • Copies of national ID cards or passports of shareholders holding 25% or more and authorized directors. (should be 1 Managing Director)
  • Tax ID Card
  • Minutes of the board of directors' meeting approving the company to open a fund account with Xspring Asset Management Company Limited
  • A copy of the house registration of the person authorized to sign on behalf of the company
  • Example of authorized director's signature and terms of signing
  • Power of attorney (if any)
  • Copy of the first page of the juristic person's bank passbook with account name and account number. all copies of documents must be signed to certify true copy by authorized directors
  • The fund account name should be the same as the deposit account name. This is to prevent the bank from refusing to receive dividends and/or redemption fees into that deposit account.

Advice for investors

  • Change of fund account name This can only be done when you change your name-surname according to the law.
  • For individual accounts You should inform the Company to deduct withholding tax from such dividends. For those who do not wish to deduct tax from the withholding dividends, you are obligated to include such dividends as your income in order to calculate the annual income tax base.