Providing services related to the insurance business

Cooperation of business partnership with domestic leading insurance companies and international leading insurance brokers by referral potential investors to leading insurance partners who have potential and reliable that can be a comprehensive and professional wealth advisor through business partnership.

Securities Brokerage Investment Units

Gateway For X Wealth Innovation and Inclusion

Providing mutual fund investment services in the form of Securities Brokerage: Investment Units covering selected mutual funds that come from more than 17 leading asset management companies with a variety of investment policies, including general fixed income funds, equity fund, alternative asset funds, mixed funds, with both domestic and foreign investment policies. As well as mutual funds that provide tax benefits; Retirement Mutual Funds (RMF) and Super Savings Funds (SSF) so that investors can create diversified investments to align with investment goals in life

XAM Daily

XAM Daily / 1 Dec 2023

หุ้นเทคใหญ่สหรัฐมีการขายทำกำไร (วันที่ 2) แต่หุ้นกลุ่มอื่นปรับตัวขึ้นได้
XAM Weekly

XAM Weekly / 4-8 Dec 2023

คาดทั้งสัปดาห์หุ้นสหรัฐที่ยัง Laggards จะบวกต่อ (Health Techยังไปได้ หาก US 10Y Yield ยังอยู่กรอบ 4.2-4.3%)
XAM Quarterly

Quarterly Market Insight

มุมมองการลงทุน ประจำไตรมาส 4/2023
XAM Knowledge

ลงทุนแบบ Howard Marks กับสายลมแห่งการลงทุนที่เปลี่ยนผ่าน