Thailand must comply with its obligation to exchange requested tax information in accordance with the Agreement or Convention for the Exemption of Taxes.

Double taxation and prevention of tax evasion and the Multilateral Agreement on Tax Administration Assistance.

and must comply with the obligation to automatically exchange financial accounting information according to multilateral agreements between officials

It has the power to automate the exchange of financial account information. In addition, Thailand is a member of the Global Forum on

Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes

which is a framework for cooperation on the exchange of tax information of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

(Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) by requiring financial institutions in countries participating in CRS

Must report on accounts held by their clients who are tax residents of CRS participating countries.

To the local tax authority

Local tax authorities then exchange such customer information with other CRS participating countries.

Countries participating in CRS You can read the details of the list of participating countries at

Emergency Decree on Exchange of Information for Compliance with International Agreements on Taxation, B.E. 2023

and secondary laws that are pending further announcement.

Information of individuals who are tax residents of CRS participating countries must continue to be reported in accordance with applicable law.


is a United States law that requires financial institutions to verify and report information on American persons in accordance with regulations.

Mandatory of FATCA, CRS section

Require financial institutions to identify the tax residence of every customer and report information about customers who are tax residents outside of the country.

Country in which the customer holds the account

The company will report information such as first and last name, tax identification number, etc. We have prepared forms for customers.

In the case of new customers, a self-certification form is required according to the CRS.

Complete the account opening process to provide information. If you are a current customer who already has an account

You may be contacted to due diligence on an already open account. After any changes

in the information of existing customers or have Any “reasonable cause” that may affect the CRS status of the account

Please contact your wealth advisor. or phone number 02-030-3730